When choosing a design for a swimming pool, a lot of people choose characteristics that have originated from the Mediterranean. The  choices in tile, landscaping, and the details resemble many pool designs in Italy, France, Spain, etc. If you are looking for inspiration for your next design, check out these European features.

 Stone Wall

pool design

By choosing to place a stone wall around the swimming pool, you will get more privacy and the European feel. This feature can be used around the entire pool, on one side of the landscape, or the outline of the pool. Some popular stones include limestone and mosaic. This will give a rustic look while also giving off sophistication and elegance. Its the perfect feature if you are looking to upgrade the style of your yard.

Spanish Bungalow


Many people loved to add a pool house in their backyard. The styles range from modern to cottage style, but my absolute favorite is the Spanish bungalow style. With this design, you can add clay tile roofs, patios, terracotta tile floors, and arched doors. If you are looking for a warm, inviting feel in your pool house, then this Mediterranean look is the perfect way to incorporate it into your design.


Terracotta is a type of clay that appears in many ceramics. One way to use  terracotta in your landscaping is through clay pots. These can surround your pool and have flowers or palm trees in them. These can be the perfect statement piece to your area. Another way is to use terracotta as your patio tile. This is the perfect tile to use because it does not become slippery, which results in a safer flooring choice. Lastly, you can use this clay to create colorful tiles along steps or around your pool.


There are so many ways to add a fountain in your swimming pool. One way is through statues pouring water out of the urns. When going with this option, you have many variety of statues to choose from including lions, historical people, and more. Another way is a curtain waterfall. This look gives a stunning visual effect. Last is water spouts from out of the ground along the pool or off the stone wall.

Climbing Vines

pool design

Adding greenery to your pool design  gives off a European wine country look. These vines can go along any plain walls you would want to cover up. Another way is to add it along your pool house to give it more of a color.

Other ways to incorporate a European look to your pool design:

  1. Simple color palettes including green, whites, and purples.
  2. Linear garden beds surrounding the pool.
  3. Shaded area near the pool.
  4. Clean white surfaces on the pool house and pool.
  5. Earth tones with accent of bright color features.

When choosing your next pool design, consider taking some or all of these features the design process. These looks will elevate your look by adding statement pieces along with the warm, inviting feeling to your landscaping. It is the perfect relaxation to come home to everyday.