Heidi Klum once again wows people at her annual Halloween Party. Celebrities from all over came together and dressed for the occasion for this party of the year. These looks were not your original costumes. Each and every person took their time to come up with the details of their makeup, hair, and costume.

Check out some of the wildest looks from the 2023 Annual Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party.

Heidi Klum

heidi klum

At the beginning of her debut at the party, Heidi stepped out as a peacock with help from Cirque Du Soleil’s acrobats. They performed an entertaining show to showcase her costume. The details of this outfit resembles a peacock from head to toe. She wore a blue velvet jumpsuit and prosthetics to imitate the beak of a peacock.

Alix Earle

alix earle

Step into the wardrobe to find the one and only Jadis, the White Witch. Alix Earle stunned us all with her gorgeous all white costume to portray the character Jadis from Narnia. This TikTok star got the attention from her fans with one of her GRWM videos giving them a peek to her costume. Her entire look was on point with the details in her long white gown, icy makeup, teased-curled hair, and icicle crown.

Becky G


This isn’t your typical Corpse Bride costume. Becky G took a twist by adding platform pumps and white lingerie with high laced stockings. She went all out with the blue colored skin and long blue wig. This was just another costume that you could not miss.

Camilla Cabello

The princess has arrived. Camilla Cabello stepped out in a white laced mini dress with her crown, sunglasses, and headphones. The “Princess Diaries” inspiration gave all vibes of Mia Thermopolis but in a more provocative way. Her look was a combination of Mia at the beginning of the movie in San Francisco with her headphones and Mia as a princess in Genovia with her crown. These accessories were the perfect match for Camilla’s costume.

Emma Norton

Welcome to New York! Emma Norton portrayed the Statue of Liberty in the most brilliant way. From head to toe, she was all decked out in green. Her skin, hair, and dress resembled every aspect to well known statue that you see in NYC. With her spiked crown, long green gown, and torch she looked like the famous landmark.

These are just a few of the many costumes that wowed everyone at Heidi Klum’s extravagant Halloween party. The details and time each person took to create these looks was so worth it. We can only imagine what costumes everyone is going to pop out with at next years Halloween party.