Clean girl aesthetic is something anyone can do even on a budget. Its a way to look clean and put together every single day. I am going to give you the best top 5 tips on how to achieve this look.

The Slick Back Bun

I used to put my hair up in a hair tie and all of my baby hairs would just come out as the day would go on. It was the most annoying thing to deal with until I saw everyone using the viral wax stick on Amazon to keep their hair together. The hair wax did not work for my hair.

I was still struggling with keeping my hair back, then I found the Eco Styler Gel. It keeps my hair back all day long giving me that clean girl look. This product is also perfect for those greasy hair days. You can do so many different styles with this product.

clean girl

Gold Hoops With Any Outfit

My favorite piece of jewelry are gold hoops. They go with all different types of outfits. You can wear gold hoops with a work fit, in a cute matching set, going to dinner, etc. It can be paired with many styles. It just gives you more of a clean, put together look.

Pro Tip: Pull your hair back in a slick back pony or bun, add your gold hoops, and you are already achieving the look.

clean girl

Keep It Simple With Your Nails

A couple years ago, I was all about having bright color nails with different styles. The bad thing about those looks is that it did not look right with some of my outfits. This year, I have decided to go a little more neutral and not that flashy of colors.

When I go to the salon, I will get either white with chrome on top, bubble bath and white french tips, or bubble bath and funny bunny. I also don’t get super long nails anymore. I keep them relatively short. It feels more clean and classy whenever I get my nails these colors. Now, I’m not saying to stick to only light colors because trust me I still like having a bit of color. But give these colors a try and let me know what you think!

Signature Scent

Every girl needs a signature scent. You need a scent that whenever you walk by someone, they will know its you without seeing you walk by. I like to keep a perfume for night outs or special occasions and then body spray for everyday. There are so many different perfumes that you can check out.

The best body spray that I live by is Sol De Janeiro Fragrance Mist. It is the best scent for an everyday look at a reasonable price. I highly recommend you try this product to smell fresh everyday.

clean girl

Dental Hygiene Is Key

This is the most important step to achieving the clean girl aesthetic. Your teeth are the first thing people notice when you speak and smile. So staying up to date with dental cleanings will 100% help. However, you also have to make sure you are flossing every day, brushing your teeth, mouthwash, and whitening your teeth at least once a week. I drink coffee every single day, so the coffee can easily stain your teeth if you don’t take care of them properly.

Bonus: Having white teeth and fresh breath will make you want to smile even more.

If these seem like a lot, then start with one at a time. Don’t overdo it. Start small, try these products I recommended, and eventually every day you will have the clean girl aesthetic. It takes 21 days to get into a habit, so give this a try and let me know what you think.