If I can go back to any restaurant just for their dessert it would have to be Nobu. The delicacy of the taste and look brought me to heaven. Not only was their food to die for but the desserts were just as equally good.

What is Nobu?

Nobu has many locations all throughout the world. Some locations include Malibu, CA, Miami, FL, Barcelona, Ibiza, Dubai, and many more. So, if you are in any of these cities then I would highly recommend to check it out. The ambiance of the restaurant is classy and intimate, which makes it perfect for a date night or a night out with friends. Now, lets get into the top 3 desserts I would recommend you try the next time you go.

Assorted Mochi Ice Cream

Recently, I have found a love for the dessert: mochi ice cream. So, when I saw they had a dessert at Nobu I knew I had to try. They brought out 3 different flavors (all a surprise) to the table. Each flavor was unique. The three flavors included passion fruit, carrot cake, and chocolate. Out of the three, the carrot cake was the absolute best. I would give the passion fruit a 7/10. However, my friend loved that one. If you love the taste of a strong fruit, then you would like the passion fruit. For the chocolate, I would give it a 5/10. Next time I go to Nobu, I will ask for all of the carrot cake mochi ice cream. 10/10 the best one.

Nobu Mochi

Miso Cappuccino

The miso cappuccino is a Miso Chocolate Brulée with candied pecans and vanilla gelato. At first I thought it tasted too much like coffee. However, as I kept digging down to the bottom I had a sudden change in opinion. Adding all the flavors from the bottom to top of the dish made it even better. I would give this dessert a 9/10.



This dessert presented itself with torrone gelato and 3 chocolate dulce de leche tempura. In lack of better terms, a chocolate filled cake. I had to say this was by far my favorite dessert they had. The filling with the gelato paired so well together. This dessert was a 10/10.


If you are ready to indulge in delicious desserts, then you have to check out these top desserts at Nobu. Next time I go to Nobu, I plan to try new desserts but will most definitely have to get one of these desserts again. It was just that good.

Let me know what desserts you try and which one was your favorite!