Miami Art Basel is one of the top, lucrative Art Fairs in the world. This is a week where people from all over the world travel to Miami to experience everything Basel has to offer. Theres also a chance you will see stars going to these events or just around Miami itself. From art shows to pop up events, each one has a crowd of people attending.

Art Basel is from December 5 – December 10 all over Miami. The events can range from being free to paying up to $3500.

miami art basel

Here are some of the top events that we have seen this week:

Miami Art Basel at Faena Hotel

Faena opened its doors to artists all over the world to showcase what they have to offer at Faena Beach, Cathedral, and Faena Art Project Room.

Maze Journey Through the Algorithmic Self by Sebastian Errazuriz

This beautiful architecture sits on the Feana Beach with the blue ocean water in the background. People are welcomed to come to the event and walk around the sand colored maze. Its the perfect blend with the color of the sand. Errazuriz created this to guide others to engage in meaningful conversations with the people they came along with or people they meet on their walk around the maze.

Dirt’s Dive by Kelly Breez

This fair takes place in the Feana Art Project fair. Breez created this place in remembrance to the long lost bar scene in South Florida. Her installation of the bar scene recounts all tales that have happened in the past – from making deals with others to a mysterious place where relationships have started. This is way to feel like your going back in time.

Cartier: Time Unlimited

Visitors can go back to the past, present, and future in this exhibition that Cartier has put on. This showcases the enduring legacy this brand has achieved throughout the years and gives a glimpse into what people can expect in the future of watchmaking. Visitors will travel through time as soon as they walk into the exhibit.

Scope Miami Beach

Scope celebrates contemporary art from international emerging artists. They came back to Miami for the 22nd year with over 130 different artists for the week of Basel. Not only did they bring art to the fair but they also brought wellness events in the mornings, panel discussions, and music performances. This is one of the art exhibits people were waiting to see.

Art Miami

Another big art show that people are attending is Miami’s original art show “Art Miami.” This is the second most attended art shows in the world. The art show showcases from many artists (over 800 artists) with their sculptures, quality paintings, drawings, video art, photography, and more.

Frank Gehry x Louis Vuitton Exhibition

Louis Vuitton presents a selection of works from Frank Gehry, an architect and designer. This is a special design where it showcased handbags, perfume bottles, trunks, original artwork, prep sketches, and architecture models by Gehry. Along with the booth, there was a limited edition handbag collection with Gehry that was being sold.

If you did not check out Miami Art Basel this year, it will be back December 2024. These are only a few of the many events that happened this year. The best part is every year there are new events that occur. You do not want to miss out!